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What I Do In My Free Time
inspired graphics for hope.
Danny Cavanagh - Smile!

This tutorial was requested by irreparable, enjoy!

This: To this:
Done in Photoshop CS3.

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2nd-Jun-2013 01:35 pm - Sherlocked!
Danny Cavanagh - Light
Well, you know, I promised men but we ended up with one, lonely British bloke. I forgot how addictive iconing really was. I'll have more next time!

15 Sherlock
1 Friends Only Banner


Don't talk out loud, Anderson. You lower the IQ of the whole street.Collapse )
11th-May-2010 04:23 am - Iconnnnnnns
Danny Cavanagh - Light
I meant to have these posted well over a couple weeks ago but, well, I didn't. I was working on a batch of Porcupine Tree icons and my laziness busyness resulted in having more than I originally intended to post. Majority are SW (with some crack!icons), but if you look hard enough, the rest of them are there too!

[54] Porcupine Tree icons

Don't hate me. I'm not special like you.Collapse )
15th-Mar-2010 11:18 pm - Icons
Danny Cavanagh - Light
[35] Steven Wilson


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3rd-Nov-2009 11:44 am - Happy Steven Wilson Day!
Danny Cavanagh - Light
Today is November 3rd, and I sure know what that means! Steven Wilson is now old enough to drink in the United States! (Lol okay, not really. But if I can't give him a present then he can have an ego boost.) To celebrate, here is a small set of icons of Steven being silly and showing off how young he is!

19 Steven Wilson sillies


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